Welcome to the Salt Lake City GIS Open Data Portal

In an effort to improve accessibility to Salt Lake City-managed GIS data, Salt Lake City Geographic Information Systems is developing this portal as a central hub of Salt Lake City GIS data. Our objective is to provide easy and efficient access to spatial data in several formats and services. We invite you to contact us with questions or with ideas to improve this site.

Accessing and Downloading the Data

GIS feature data are organized by thematic categories and are accessible by clicking on the category of interest. Individual datasets can be downloaded in several formats and are also available via a web service. A list of all available datasets is available here.


All maps, data, information, or downloadable files are intended to be used as a visualization tool for various features within the city’s limits. These materials are provided as is, with the city free of any and all liability associated with the use of GIS related materials contained within these web pages.



Administrative feature data generally delineate the boundaries of districts used for community governance, organization, and other administrative purposes. City council districts and community council districts are examples of data in this collection.

Atlas Plats


An Atlas Plat in Salt Lake City is a map depicting the subdivisions of land within the City. These plats are a scheme of how the City was originally laid out. They show information about streets, both public and some private right of ways. This collection includes data for referencing and identifying specific Atlas Plats in Salt Lake City.

Base Map

Base Map

Base map feature data provide the framework for the city’s base map. City boundary, street centerlines, building footprints, and addressing information are examples of data in this collection.

Planning and Zoning


This collection contains features associated with planning and zoning. Master plan areas and zoning are examples of features in this collection.

Parks & Recreation


The Parks and Recreation group contains features related to parks and recreation.